The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces (2019)-

A graduate project, during which I designed costumes for an interactive, open-air production of the fairytale (also known as 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'), which I devised alongside the outfits. The audience follow the 12 sisters on their journey through a woodland setting, to a second stage which represents the faerie world where they 'dance their shoes to pieces' each night.

The inspiration for the designs originated from the worn-out shoes and the sisters' using these remnants of their dancing adventures to adorn their outfits. I researched shoes from across a range of historical time periods to inform the designs. 

I decided to add in the character of the Shoemaker, who structures the performance by bringing 12 shoeboxes to the palace at the start of each act. 

Images copyright 2020:

Ruth Nichols-Pike